Class PositionAngleDetector

    • Method Detail

      • create

        protected PositionAngleDetector create​(AdaptableInterval newMaxCheck,
                                               double newThreshold,
                                               int newMaxIter,
                                               EventHandler newHandler)
        Build a new instance.
        Specified by:
        create in class AbstractDetector<PositionAngleDetector>
        newMaxCheck - maximum checking interval (s)
        newThreshold - convergence threshold (s)
        newMaxIter - maximum number of iterations in the event time search
        newHandler - event handler to call at event occurrences
        a new instance of the appropriate sub-type
      • getOrbitType

        public OrbitType getOrbitType()
        Get the orbit type defining the angle type.
        orbit type defining the angle type
      • getPositionAngleType

        public PositionAngleType getPositionAngleType()
        Get the type of position angle.
        type of position angle
      • getAngle

        public double getAngle()
        Get the fixed angle to be crossed (radians).
        fixed angle to be crossed (radians)
      • init

        public void init​(SpacecraftState s0,
                         AbsoluteDate t)
        Initialize event handler at the start of a propagation.

        This method is called once at the start of the propagation. It may be used by the event handler to initialize some internal data if needed.

        The default implementation does nothing

        This implementation sets the direction of propagation and initializes the event handler. If a subclass overrides this method it should call super.init(s0, t).

        Specified by:
        init in interface EventDetector
        init in class AbstractDetector<PositionAngleDetector>
        s0 - initial state
        t - target time for the integration
      • g

        public double g​(SpacecraftState s)
        Compute the value of the detection function.

        The value is the angle difference between the spacecraft and the fixed angle to be crossed, with some sign tweaks to ensure continuity. These tweaks imply the increasing flag in events detection becomes irrelevant here! As an example, the angle always increase in a Keplerian orbit, but this g function will increase and decrease so it will cross the zero value once per orbit, in increasing and decreasing directions on alternate orbits..

        Specified by:
        g in interface EventDetector
        Specified by:
        g in class AbstractDetector<PositionAngleDetector>
        s - the current state information: date, kinematics, attitude
        angle difference between the spacecraft and the fixed angle, with some sign tweaks to ensure continuity